Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You want a team with more "grit"?

Then we need everyone on the whole team to grow these fucking things. My man Kulpa over at has imagined a dream scenario I think we and all embrace. Let's get a petition going to get every one of the Sabres to sport a Tom Selleck fattie so we can truly attain the "grit" fans and pundits alike seem to love so very much.


sweeper said...

Stafford needs a soup strainer. NEEDS it.

and on a side note: the best part about most of your/our friends is we all have nicknames already to provide/continue some sort of anonymity. You already know all too well just how personally some shitbags with no sense of right or wrong take any sort of criticism.

Viva la SJB!

COA said...

So right sweepatario. The hact remains- Steve Riter has the cleanest bunghole in the business.