Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rollin on DUBS!

It's been done! Fuck me. It's been done. A motherfucking triple. You have to be fucking kidding me. In the tradition of such all time great doubles such as the Mecca's, the Woodcocks, and the Cottrell's- I proudly present you with the first documented sickjerseybro exclusive TRIPLE! Thank you Dubke family. Turning a Dubke into a sick TRIPke. You made my whole fucking year. It's a Christmas miracle. These dump huffing clown farts have no clue how truly rare and precious their idiocy is. And why the numbers? we could speculate all day. Seriously. Take a deep breath and seriously LOOK at these assholes. Perfection.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Is that a reference to her or Vanek? Either way, the whole thing stinks. It's strange, though. That is Tomas's XBOX live ID when we play CoD 3 and totally pwn n00bz. T.V. is totally 1337.