Monday, March 10, 2008

The great debate rages on!

Since the inception of sick jersey bro i have read many angry emails and threads posted all over the place debating the self jersey issue. Let me be the one to set this straight. "Customizing" your jersey is first and foremost a personal choice much like enjoying brussels sprouts, a fondness for Thomas Kinkade's "light" paintings, or the recreational murder of the homeless. However, no one is 100% bad. Look at the good stuff Hitler did. Besides being perhaps the most evil human being ever he also invented the autobahn, was a vegetarian, and helped design the Volkswagen Beetle. So if I goof on your jersey get over it. It doesn't mean you are not a caring father or a good God fearing 'Merican. Get one if you want. Wear the shit out of it. With out you I have nothing to write about on my site. I personally find the "slug" jerseys one hundred times more unacceptable of a transgression than the self jersey itself. Of course, to me this means the self slug (with a vintage number) is like watching a horrible crime go down in public. I can not simply remain silent. I just report what is going on. However, continue the debate. I find it entertaining.
P.S. It's also important to realize it's a fucking joke, bro.

image credit: Some dude on the forums


MaryAnn said...

seriously...someone was ripping on you?! hahahahahaha. apparently, some don't get the sarcasm in your tone... and by some, I mean those 'special' sabre fans w/ their own name on their jerseys... never did I think "gee. wouldn't a MARYANN sabre jersey be sweet?!" no. never. ever. never ever would that cross my mind. instead, I have a variety of three McKee's that spend a lot of time on hangers.

COA said...

screw that- rock the McKee. I got to talk to him at a party once and he thought I said my nickname was cola. Like a week later I saw him at the mall and he was all "hey, cola!" and it was sweet. That staph infection screwed us pretty good though.

carelesswhiskers said...

Who was bitching? The guy who you ripped on for the number 610 jersey, Afinogallinder?

COA said...

No, actually it was #456 Stevemitri Berninin.