Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yo, PAGE me bro!

This shit sucks. I mean. Wow. I just caught a sick glare off of those cheap, shiny, dogshit screen printed numbers. Ironically, 1985 was the last time you could pound your velcro Roos on the pavement wearing shit like this and not get garbage thrown at you. I just plain don't like this fucking thing. We all know 85 is first and foremost a football number.(all apologies the the great Petr Klima) If it wasn't long sleeved you would think it was a fucking Jack Youngblood jersey. You know, with PAGE on the back instead. Except Jack Youngblood recently placed 1st among all athletes to ever wear the number 85 by SI.com. Page recently placed 1st among the other Applebee's bus boys in his fantasy hockey league on SI.com. not much of a difference, but worth mentioning.

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Girl Howdy said...

A trip to the super flea this past weekend found a man with a mighty professional looking booth producing personalized jerseys not unlike this one.
That could mean a boost in fuel for your blogging fire... at least in cheektowaga? haha