Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is my jersey to bootylicious for ya babe?

This post has been edited due to a grievance filed by Reverend Guy. I now think the "bootylicious" jersey is just great.

Photo: Beez!


MaryAnn said...

i have no words.

ToewsNKane1988 said...

I have a comment, how about who the fuck cares you ignorant fuck. What worse, customizing a jersey like this, or having no life trying to make fun of it online??

COA said...

actually, I'll tell you what's worse. Someone with the staggering Stephen Hawking type intellect you posses taking the time to read, partially understand, and comment on the website of an ignorant fuck like myself. Why are you not out curing cancer or writing the great American novel? I know you have it in you, bro. I believe in you.