Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Great One!

The initial appeal of this photo is that it looks kind of like one of those blurry sasquatch pics. It actually might be equally difficult to reconcile the belief in mythological humanoid bipeds as it is to believe someone had a ballbag big enough to use WAYNE GRETZKY'S motherfucking number. Forget the fact that the number is retired by every team in the league because my man fucking owned so hard. You should just know better. It's the same discerning cognitive ability that keeps most human from eating their own shit or not fucking their relatives. Or putting this on a Sabres jersey. Truly sick jersey, Morley.

Photo: B-Radical.


Daniel said...

Oh, the "great one", huh? Im pretty positive not even his closest of kin would agree to refer to him as the "alright one" not even at a family bbq, on that note I wonder what his Apron says? maybe a Wolfgang Puck or Julia Childs reference? sick blog bro.


I would be the "99" in that there jersey. I wear the number out of respect for the man and that no one ever on the Sabres ever wore the number....Theres two things for sure about the person wearing that jersey: 1)He will never leave due to free agency wanting to get paid more money.. 2) He will never ask to be traded because the team isn't a winner!!! Sorry you disapprove of the number choice, but "66" is the BEST in my eyes!!!!!