Monday, March 3, 2008

K-man is a dick.

What the fuck is that? You better be pretty fucking famous to pull that shit. A number on a jersey is by far the most important identification tool often superseding names and even logos. Not for the K-MAN. To prove the K-man isn't Madonna style one name famous i did some exhaustive research (google) and the only reference is as follows:

1. K-man

Function: noun
Etymology: Seinfeld (episode #17)
The Busboy

1a. Referring Cosmo Kramer
1b. Term used by Jerry on June 26, 1991 when talking to George.

JERRY: I just don't think you should go alone. Can't you wait till after my set?

GEORGE: It'll take to long.

(Kramer enters)

JERRY: Take the K-man. A little support..

GEORGE: (Unsure) I don't a..

KRAMER: Take me where? Where?

(Scene ends)

Photo: My main man Jersey Jay


Mitch said...

you know this asshole is wearing a Tony Walker hat too

COA said...

Give blood, play hockey......bro.