Monday, March 10, 2008

The results are in!

Unlike the hellish democratic primary process the votes here at SJB have been counted and a clear winner has emerged! With a delicious 43% of the vote- having your own name with an established number is the worst combination. In a close second is dried piss stain at 27%, own name own number at 16% and in a shocking last place finish: own name no number with 8%! You know what this means. I owe K-Man a slight apology. O.K. ......Here goes. Dude. Sorry about the K-Man blast bro. I guess it's not the worst thing you can do to a Sabres jersey. I'll give you the respect you deserve for not using say, Perreault or LaFontaine's number. I am not Pope level infallible and I'm secure enough to let the world know it. So to K-Man I say sorry, kind of, and congratulations on being the best of the worst!

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