Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The results are in! Again!

Unlike Florida or Michigan, here at SJB your votes count!
The most unacceptable retired number to get on your Sabers joint is as follows:
Pat Lafontaine 54%
Tim Horton 37%
Rick Martin 7%
René Robert 3%
Danny Gare 0.00%

The big surprise for me here is the ice fucking cold Danny Gare response. While not having giant numbers, he hustled his balls off and his number is retired as
shit. Not one vote? Really. You guys are cold. I also have my suspicions that the Tim Horton vote is mainly based on a confusing blend of delicious coffee and human blood streaked across the QEW. For 90% of Sabres fans under the age of 35, telling Robert and Martin apart is about as important as knowing the difference between Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. All anyone gives a shit about is the chairman of the board. And seriously, Patty LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLafontaine is just a stone cold man. My friend Crystal actually got a pic with him after a game a long time ago. He was wearing sweats and he had a visible, full on boner. That's how much he loved the game- he played at all times with a total robo chubber. A winner in any contest.

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sweeper said...

You have to keep in mind that Tim Connolly wore 18 until it was retired. So I think that diminishes its "untouchable" status.