Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mail bag bro!™

Time for a new segment here at sick jersey bro. Mail bag bro!™ As you know, I carefully sift through all reader submissions and love each and every one like the children i never knew I had and were then mailed to me. Our very first Mail bag bro!™ letter comes from Tim. He writes:

fuck you you fucking faggot, what does your jersey say "complete queer", find me at a sabres game you pussy, yeah thats what i thougt

For all of the readers information, I contacted both Al Ross and Sorrentino's sports and both flatly refuse under any circumstances to put the name "complete queer" on a jersey. If they would it might look something like this:

I'll also say that I don't think the back of a Sabres jersey is the proper place for that kind of personal commentary unless "Kotalik" is some sort of gay pride slogan in the Czech Republic. If this is the case I'm sure the proud statement being made by many Sabres faithful is at the same time as accidental as it is courageous. In truth, my jersey says Tallinder. This is actually an ancient Norse word for "bestowed by Odin (Óðinn) with a unit that is not unlike a tube sock full of piping hot maple sugar oatmeal". Bear in mind that is a rough translation as English is sadly unequipped as a language to handle the brutal beauty of the ancient Norse tongue. Thanks for the thought provoking question Tim! So to everyone out there in SJB land, keep the comments and questions rolling in. More importantly keep the sick pics rolling in. I've already got some difficult decisions to make. Just make sure it's a sick jersey, bro.


ToewsNKane1988 said...

Looks like something you should wear...however I'd customize yours to say "INBREDQUEER" cuz the majority of sabres fan are indeed the aforementioned.

COA said...

By the way "toewsnkane1988" Pat Kane (aside from being an inbred queer) is from South Buffalo and he happens to be a big Sabres fan. As a bonus, you do get 10 points for using the word aforementioned. You really should be in college, bro.