Monday, March 24, 2008

This time on Kulpa's Secret Stashe................

Now this is a move I can get behind. Just think about it for a second. What is Max's biggest problem? He seems to be too fucking fast for his own good. A stash like this could add enough drag that he could actually finish. It's like having a tiny parachute screwed to the back of your skull. The added benefit is that this is one of the most terrifying mustaches in history. (behind only Hitler or possibly Wilford Brimley) That combined with Max's deep, rumbling Russian timbre is downright hard as fuck. I mean dude's name is Maksim Sergejevič Afinogenov. If you ran into a motherfucker with a name like that any time before 1991 you would totally expect to be drugged, flown to a gulag and have your ballbag hooked up to a Volga battery. What's more is my man's not afraid to tho dem thangs if he gots to. Remember when he straight up flipped that dude over? Anyway, get with the program Max. We need you to grow this fuckin soviet push broom A.S.A.P. До свидания.

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