Thursday, November 13, 2008


Stay with me on this one. I know it's blurry. What we have here is a mega rare double Woodcock. All juvenile sexual innuendo aside, FUCKING WHAAAAAT? I mean, suck me sideways. This is like a total double cream dream for everyone here at the scenic Sick Jersey Bro offices. My personal assistant is fucking losing it. That dude Jared who fills our RED BULL® cooler literally pissed his pants. Not since the celebrated work of the Mecca bros from last season have we seen a two pronged attack of this magnitude. Seriously. There are two grown, hopefully married adults who thought it would be just fine to cruise around in matching motherfucking Woodcock jerseys. so sick bro.


eamus catuli said...

not since last season... classic fucking line..

These piss poor excuses of sabres fans really ought to be fucking embarassed... not only for these gay jerseys... but the numbers.. the numbers just kill me

63 & 00

enough said... coa... keep figting the good fight... love your site man!

Bill Gallagher said...

I'm sure some of you think stalking and catching a pic of a Woodcock would be pretty easy. Your dead wrong Sir's. These MFers were fleet a foot as hell. I got 4 bury images of these geeks. As the saying goes it is nearly impossible to photograph a Woodcock in the wild!

Dale said...

if this is the woodcock that i think it is, then this guy is one hell of a winner and deserves to be ridiculed in this manner. he actually used to work at a place that i worked at and we all ganged up and told the boss we need to get rid of this skidmark because he is annoying and his breath smells like mothballs that have been festering in rotten milk.

furthermore, i actually had the joy of watching a sabres game at a bar with this shmoe and he is in fact "yell shoot on the powerplay guy"