Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why the fuck not?

First, I realize that dude's name is probably Ebert but I'm also just as certain that this asshole is fully aware that there is a very well known movie critic with the same name. If your last name was Letterman or Winfrey you would have to know how confusing and just plain stupid it would look on a Sabres jersey. The salsa on this hot pube burrito is the fact that he went ahead and used the hallowed and universally untouchable number of the "Great one" Wayne Douglas Gretzky. As avid SJB fans may know, I already covered this topic in an earlier post. These jerseys are my favorite. Just a total clusterfuck of bullshit. What a total waste of fucking time and money. Sick.

P.S. I purposefully omitted any thumbs up/down reference. Please feel free to insert your own hilarious thumb based jokes.


eamus catuli said...

Lets take a good hard look at this ass monkey.

First, he has touched the untouchable, for that, there is no mercy.

Second, given the size of this guy, I'd say that this cock hole had to offer up the Sabre tickets just to get the chick to touch him...

Look hard now.. the fuck already has his thumbs down.. therefore...

I give this rejection of good sperm..

COA said...

Congrats! There is indeed a visible thumbs down.