Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anglo Oriental?

Check out the "Anglo Oriental" spirit rug from the NHL online store. What the fuck is an anglo oriental spirit rug? It sounds like some sort of vaguely religious artifact. Is it anything like a native American dream catcher? Because I know all to well what those are. They catch native American dreams. However, this slugged up abortion barely qualifies an actual "rug" not to mention oriental rug. And as a Caucasian I take offense to this anglo bullshit. Can we just leave race out of our shitty $70.00 door mat conversations? That's right $70.00 for a fucking doormat. I mean I don't go around running off at the mouth about our Anglo African President elect, and that's actually a big deal. So. To sum up this special racially charged rug review edition of sick jersey bro- if you bought this rug you are as bigoted as you are mentally retarded. Congrats. Oh, and sorry McCain lost bro.

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