Saturday, November 1, 2008


Do you go for the obligatory weight joke? Do you question it's sex? Do you speculate on the smell? NO. You address the jersey. And this one is possibly one of the most fucked up train wrecks anyone has ever seen. O.K. I LOVE R.J.- that being said, why denigrate his service to our country with this puddle of bloody Sasquatch diarrhea? It's like saying, hey- I really like my dad. I'm going to get his picture lazer engraved on a petrified dog turd. And 550. Wow. Schopp and the Bulldog could probably do a QUALITY two shows on this thing. That's just how good they are. The could speculate on where it was lettered, pontificate on the origin of the concept, Bulldog could use his razor sharp stammering technique and Mike could shout like angry child and belittle callers in that way only he can. I can just hear the classic radio announcer bit KILLING on this one. Long story short-sick jersey. Maybe one of the sickest ever.

P.S. the smell has to be somewhere between sauteed human hair and the socket amputees put their stump in on prosthetic legs. Plus piss soaked Doritos.


Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

Maybe she too is trying to beat anorexia.

Goal: 550 El Bee Esses!

COA said...

She? Are you sure?