Sunday, April 6, 2008

"These go to eleven."

I really had no concept whatsoever how many ass hats think they can wear (or apparently don't know about) the number 11. For all of the reasons I have so eloquently stated in previous posts, this is 100% unacceptable. However seeing a poor, misguided soul in a #11 jersey was the impetus i needed to start this thing. So i owe them something as a group. Add to that the fact that I do have a real sense of wonder and pity when I see this shit going down. It's like watching Nickelback perform. At one time you feel both seething white hot rage that this could be happening and a confusing sadness that Chad Kroger is a ball hair away from considered legally retarded in Ontario. So here I am. Angry, sad, and ultimately confused. Add to this that the Sabres not only failed to make the playoffs but decided to hand a beat down to the Bruins (including a fucking J.T. SHUTOUT!) when it couldn't matter less. I'm depressed. And this clown penis in the 11 jersey isn't helping things.

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