Monday, April 21, 2008

Marlies and me!

In an effort to reach out to the international minor league hockey community we here at Sick Jersey Bro have acquired an official Toronto Marlies (the Maple Leafs farm team) correspondent. Her name is Sarah and she's doing a bang up job. As you see She went above and beyond to get us a truly sick "crusher" #69 jersey. What a fucking stupid jersey. Notice first the delicately nuanced sexual reference. Don't see it? Look closer. AH HA! Sixty nine! Fuck me. That is rich. That is really something. By the way - what do you think he "crushes" exactly? Maybe he just "crushed" any hope of escaping the dead end stock job at the Lastman's Bad Boy in Mississauga. Or perhaps he just "crushed" a full tray of cold lasagna in his mom's basement while loudly weeping about that whore Brenda. Maybe we'll never know. What we do know is that thanks to Sarah we have our first international sick jersey and if I play my cards right a place to crash in the T.O. when I get "crushed" up in Can-an-a-da. You hear me Sarah? I'm fucking serious. I swore to myself I would never squat under the Gardiner Expressway with crusty squeegee punks again.

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