Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sick sick jersey sickness!

For those who don't think is a real phenomena check out this real ass sign at the Sabres opening win against the Montreal Canadiens. Now, I know what you're thinking- I got all shitfaced under the I-90 overpass before the game on warm red dog pounders and peppermint schnapps and got my hands on a roll of hockey tape. WRONG! Or at least half wrong. I did't tape shit. This was done by honest to God fans that I had no idea existed. Good job assholes! I'm so pumped/sympathize for/with you! Keep up the questionable work!


John said...

warm red dog pounders and peppermint schnapps?

sounds like a 'west seneca slammer' to me.

COA said...

It's actually also known as the South Cheektowaga breakfast. They serve it at the Denny's on Union.

DCThrowback said...

And here I thought it was Genny Cream Ales and fishing through the Lender's Bagels factory dumpster.