Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally. It Begins.

Fucking finally. It's on for real. Signaling the start of another Sabres season, I humbly submit to you the first official sick jersey of the 2008-2009 NHL season! And what a shit biscuit! I mean.... what? Presuming you are a fan, or at least enough of a fan to go to a game and to blow $150 on a jersey, you must have at least heard of Rob Ray. No? Really? Not even on the Sabres T.V. coverage? No, huh? well. How about on all of the shitty ads? The billboards? The other shitty cable access show he did with Barnaby? Seriously no? Wow. Well, he doesn't deserve this horseshit Meddaugh. So cut it out. Rob seems like a good guy. He took a hell of alot of shit to make that number cool. All you had to do to disgrace it was blow $87.75 on draft beer at Chili's, go online and make one regrettable purchase. So do the right thing an give that abortion a viking funeral on lake Erie so as not to let the whole season be infected with the douchebumps I have right now.

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DonnyJ said...

Who doesn't love Rob Ray? Check out the ESPN commercial he did. Remember this? Obviously the douche bag in the picture doesn't.

Rob Ray Commercial

Can't wait for another season of pictures of shitheads!