Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great news indeed!

As per some info obtained from multiple sources (including my boy Charlie at Sabres not slugs) the Sabres are preparing to debut their reworked third jersey design for the upcoming season. All signs point to a fantastic amalgamation of new and old showcasing the classic Sabres logo. This is the mock up of what the logo may look like:

And a mock up of the jersey:

Charlie from also adds:

"Notice there are indeed silver elements in the sabre handle and bordering the circular part of the crest. Well I have been thinking long and hard and truly believe that this picture as bad as it is (referring to another earlier, low res picture), to be authentic.

I also confidently expect the following elements to be added:

1. Dark Blue to match the current jerseys (not a big surprise for most)
2. Front Numbers
3. Front tie-up laces

This will be introduced as an Alternate jersey. Note it cannot be called a vintage uniform anymore because of the distinctive elements not present in the royal blue 1970-1996 version or the 2006 Royal blue alternate."

This is fantastic news for SJB as this will mean a explosion of mental defectives buying new fangled blank 3rds and rendering them useless immediately with their own names! I'll be patiently waiting!


Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

Now what if I put "No Slug" on the back of mine? I've been thinking about doing it.

Ryan said...

That would indeed be sick. I'll allow it.