Monday, July 21, 2008


There it is. Let this be proof positive that if you wait long enough opportunities will present themselves. Much like the 90210 reunion Ol' Swanny here was well worth the wait. I've got to tell you my man Swanoids was at the Seneca Niagara casino and he was shredding the slots. As you see in the pic he's eying up the next victim. What he failed to eye up was the mirror as he effortlessly waltzed out of his primo comped hotel room. I have to believe he failed to look at the calender as well- seeing as how it's the middle of fucking July and Swanzy thinks it's full on custom Sabres jersey time. So here's to you you glorious fucking bastard. Hit the piss out of the quadruple progressive blazin' 7's platinum Kenny Rodgers "the Gambler"edition touch screen poker. Oh and when you get around to it, apologize to Petr Svoboda, Kevin Haller, John Tucker, Mike Donnelly, Dale McCourt, Randy Cunneyworth, Rene Robert, and Cliff Schmautz. Oh also make double sure you say you're sorry to Rick Martin.

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