Monday, February 2, 2009

Calcadora the Explorer

As per the Yahoo online English- Spanish Dictionary:

Calc a dor (-do ra) - m. & f. (person) tracer, copier m. (instrument) tracer
Inflected Forms: calcadoras - femi
calcadores - masc

To be honest I'm not totally sure how that definition applies. Maybe it's that he's copying a shitty thing he saw done to a jersey. Either way, this beauty came to me hot off the presses from my man in the Honda Center in Anaheim. Word on the street from the 'heim is that Sabres sick jerseys are everywhere. Like for real. Apparently due to the lack of a primarily deep fried cheese, deep fried meat, beer, shots of Crown, and deep fried dough diet, Cali Sabres fans are far quicker (and thusly harder to photograph) than their Buffalo counterparts. Luckily the flight of the Calcador (after pounding a shot of wheat grass and some pan seared ahi with garlic asiago pea snaps) was preserved in all its So-Cal Sabres Glory. To be honest, I'm just super pumped that there are tons of Buffalo dudes representing in the 714. HOWEVER. That does not mean your sick jerseys still don't suck mucho burro schlong. They do. bad. So there.

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