Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fill my eyes with that double vision

Hey! Can you believe this? I damn near shit my pants at the final Bisons game of the year when I ran across this gem. Actually- ran after this gem. He walked all over the God damn stadium before I could get a clear shot at him. But boy was it was worth it. Like dropping out of high school or telling your drunk biker stepfather to "go ahead and take a fucking swing Daryll"- seeing the same dude in two different sick jerseys is a once in a lifetime experience. Now I bet dollars to donuts this fartbag has a Bills, Bandits, and possibly Buffalo Stallions Jersey waiting in his mom's closet. This dude is like THE sick jersey bro. So if you see bro with other gear on, take a deep breath and follow him around for and hour and get a sick pic for me. Sorry. For all of us.


Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

And boo hiss as well to teh jacktits who scored some knarley non-authentic front numbers for his vintage Sabres jersey.

It's not a good practice to buy your Sabres jerseys from some eBayer from Vietnam.

Anthony said...

That jackass has season tickets right next to me. He basically sits there with another fat disgusting homo and criticizes everything that happens from us losing the opening face-off to not wearing the right color jersey on a friday night. He loves to hate the sabres and makes sure the whole section knows it.